Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Jones Torru Law Offices Give Back to the Bay Area Community.

Our team at Jones Torru Law Offices is committed to giving back to the community that has done so much for us. We are proud to be part of the Bay Area family and thankful for every opportunity we have had to be involved. The attorneys and staff at Jones Torru Law Offices support, volunteer and give back to our local community. A sample of various community service activities have included:

PTSA Presentations on Bullying and Social Media Harassment

Jones Torru Law Offices attorney, Joscelyn Jones Torru, volunteers to speak at local PTSA meetings on the topics of bullying and social media harassment to share her insight to raise awareness and provide hands-on collaborative solutions for parents, students and educators.

Deer Valley High School Law Academy - Legal Adviser

Jones Torru Law Offices attorney, Joscelyn Jones Torru, served as the founding legal adviser and mentor of the Deer Valley High School Law Academy Pilot Program, volunteering to establish a "Court Day" where students could observe ongoing trial matters (criminal and civil,) meet court staff and practicing attorneys, and see a glimpse behind the curtain of  the inner workings of the court system.

Contra Costa Clean Slate Day

Jones Torru Law Offices attorney, Joscelyn Jones Torru, has volunteered at Contra Costa Clean Slate Day, an event free to the public, designed for people with past convictions to consult with experts to see if they're eligible to have convictions wiped from their records, felonies reduced to misdemeanors and probation terms relaxed.

Soroptimist - Get Real Academy

Jones Torru Law Offices attorney and staff support and participate in the annual event for Contra Costa County high school senior girls.  Get Real Academy is an all day event with interactive participation workshops on what to expect after high school graduation.  Tips from recruitment personnel, job interviews and several workshops about the "workplace" with do's and don'ts to prepare students for the "real" world.  Featured speakers inform and enlighten the students on the shifting roles of women in the work force, home and the world.

Liberty Union High School District Education Foundation - Education Wins!

Jones Torru Law Offices attorney and staff support and participate in the LUHSD Education Foundation's annual Holiday Home Tour and Auction and bi-annual E-Waste Recycling events, which raise funds to enhance and enrich educational programs for the benefit of all students, by funding grants to district teachers for projects and equipment not otherwise provided by the district.

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I personally assist families in the same manner I would assist my own family; giving the same time, attention and care that brings a sense of assurance to the unknown.

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