Estate Plan Portfolio- What Does This Include?

What Does This Include?

Who and how you want  to manage your person and estate during your life and your estate after your death are the primary objectives in creating a  estate plan portfolio. Your estate plan is a precious gift to your loved ones that are experiencing your loss due to incapacity or death. This plan helps them make hard decisions; resolve conflict or disagreements and reduces or relieves the stress that is inherent during these times. An estate plan portfolio answers the anticipated questions they will have and addresses the circumstances that they will confront. Your estate plan portfolio will usually consist of a Living (Revocable) Trust, Pour-over Will, Durable Power of Attorney over Finances and Health Care Directive with Living Will.

We are happy to meet with you to create your estate plan portfolio which will consider your personal preferences and will reflect your wishes about your person and estate and over those things that you value most.

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