Criminal Defense - This Is Not The End!

This Is Not The End!

After a combined total of thirty-one years of representing persons charged with criminal offenses as a Deputy Public Defender in Contra Costa and Los Angeles counties; teaching Criminal Law, Criminal Trial Skills, Criminal Defender program as an adjunct professor of law and as a Temporary Judge presiding over thousands of traffic trials and matters, Attorney Joscelyn Jones Torru is well prepared to represent you.

Jones Torru Law Offices represent adults and juveniles in misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, probation violations, expungement  and traffic violations in Bay Area courts. We represent clients in administrative hearings and proceedings for Department of Motor Vehicle license suspensions, revocations, probationary matters and DUI representations.

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I personally assist families in the same manner I would assist my own family; giving the same time, attention and care that brings a sense of assurance to the unknown.

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