Estate Planning - The Best Gift You Can Give!

The Best Gift You Can Give!

"I do not have anything, what do I need an estate plan for?" This is the question many people start out with when asked if they have an estate plan. Many people fail to think about those sentimental treasures, mother's baking pans, dad's golf clubs, grandmother's doll collection, granddad's fishing poles, that have strong sentimental attachments and/or monetary values. Estate assets can consist of any of a number of things or cash, personal effects, household items, collectibles, art work, jewelry, vehicles, real property, as well as securities, stocks, genealogical items, furs and intangible property (interest in land, businesses, patents, etc).

Even more than the things, are the people you care about that depend on you. What would you want to happen to their future and care? Estate planning documents allow you to name a guardian for your minor child(ren), name an agent to act on your behalf in the event of an accident or illness, dictate your personal wishes regarding medical treatment and end-of-life decisions and give direction to your loved ones in a time of great need.

Our estate planning services are a thoughtful and careful exercise to outline your post-death wishes. Such planning reduces the stress to those you care for the most.

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I personally assist families in the same manner I would assist my own family; giving the same time, attention and care that brings a sense of assurance to the unknown.

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