Amendments – Will My Handwritten Changes Count?

Will My Handwritten Changes Count?

Our lives evolve, family's grow up; grow apart and things change. Nothing nor any relationship remains the same. There are all kinds of reasons why someone may wish to update or change their estate plan due to these changes in relationships, circumstances, death or life. Crossing out or writing in new names or information on your executed estate plan documents will not suffice in the court of law as proper amendments. Updates or changes to your trust or will or changes or modifications to a power of attorney or health care directive can be made and are legally enforceable, but they must be legal amendments. Jones Torru Law Offices can provide you with personal, competent legal assistance to create legally enforceable amendments to your trust, will or powers of attorney for finances or healthcare.

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I personally assist families in the same manner I would assist my own family; giving the same time, attention and care that brings a sense of assurance to the unknown.

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