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I have known Joscelyn for approximately 24 years. I knew her because we both worshipped at San Francisco Christian Center. We became friends. I did not know her on a professional level because I was never in need of any type of legal guidance or representation. However I did know her integrity. I knew that she was kind and loving. Unfortunately…I needed her professional services at a very difficult time. Twice….my son had gotten in some trouble and then my mother passed away suddenly. Both of these times were extremely traumatic for our family. I called Joscelyn and she immediately took charge of both of the situations. She handled my son’s situation with so much professionalism and she handled my mother’s probate with so much compassion. I needed both at the time. She always kept me inform on the things that were required and the state of where things stood. I never felt as if I was dealing with a stranger….the lines never became blurry. I knew she was my lawyer and she knew and treated me as her client. And after everything that had taken place we are still friends and I love her even more now. I know that people think that you can’t do business with friends. But I’m here to say that is totally not true. Joscelyn was always timely, truthful, respectful and tactful. I’m thankful that these situations are over but I don’t believe I could have made it without her! So if you are every in need of a top-notch lawyer who will help you quickly, successfully and for a reasonable fee Joscelyn Jones Torru is definitely the person to contact. She is absolutely wonderful and she will help to make your situation much easier. Brentwood, CA
– TE

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I personally assist families in the same manner I would assist my own family; giving the same time, attention and care that brings a sense of assurance to the unknown.

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